Silk scarf – perfect accessories

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February 11, 2018
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Silk scarf – perfect accessories

Silk scarves and scarves are an important part of the accessories, such as jewelry or a woman’s purse, a final piece of clothing that contributes to the final impression. They can be glamorous and sophisticated, authentic and dominant or just a tiny, cheerful and imaginative addition. On the fashion scene, scarves have been present for a very long time, evolving from time to time from a small, practical piece of fabric to an expensive, quality and valued assortment

The forerunners of today’s scarves existed in ancient Rome, in which men wore a collision-cloth wrapped around the neck or around the belt. This fabric had a practical function to absorb sweat and keep the body clean, and over time, the wounded women began to wear it. In ancient Egypt, scarves were considered a status symbol and were worn by rulers and nobles, and in ancient China they were part of a military uniform. In Central Europe, in the 17th century small triangular pieces of fabric worn around the neck were also part of a military uniform. The fashion detail was appropriated by the French, and then in the 19th century and the English, and was worn by members of both sexes and all the stock. In this mode, industrialists reacted and the first manufacturers of silk scarves and echarps appeared in the 19th century.

In France, in 1837, the fashion house Hermes was founded, which produced wigs with the most diverse graphic prints. In 1875, Liberty, a specialized store for luxury goods, was opened in London, offering a scarf market inspired by Asia and Oriente, as well as art nouveau designs. By the mid-20th century, shawls became a basic fashion piece, unavoidable in almost all dress combinations.

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