Silk – a symbol of passion, lust and secrecy

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April 2, 2018
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November 22, 2018
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Silk – a symbol of passion, lust and secrecy

Intriguing, gentle, feminine, secular … silk, a fabric that gives the woman a feeling of being special, beautiful, irresistible. Light-headed, thin, lightweight but resistant, gives the impression of mystery and mystery … Silk gives pleasure to the eye and the skin and touch. Women have been fascinated by it for centuries and are happy to wear it on all occasions.

Psychologists claim that silk has a remarkable impact on the female psyche. A gentle touch on the skin and the breaking of light through carefully tattered threads, the women are confident in the gestures expressed in secrecy and femininity. Therefore, at least occasionally it is necessary to have on it. Because there is no man who will not turn behind a woman in a silk dress – she simply attracts her eyes. Because of all this, there probably is no female casket without a silk shirt or at least one silk echearch.

The specificity of silk, its softness and sensuality is pleasant emotions, according to experts, and research shows that women who at least once a month train something silk better, cheerful and more attractive to the opposite sex. Silk awakens memories for some better times, provokes pleasant experiences. Also, sleeping in silk bedding exudes imagination and arouses forgotten feelings, say experts for love relationships. Especially if it is in a bright, intense color. Sexologists point out that silk is a very strong aphrodisiac and that it is an unmistakable choice if you want to seduce someone. Soft, gentle, at the same time passionate and erotic. Experts claim that the moment a man touches a beloved woman’s body over a silk dress, intensifies all of his senses and causes sexual excitement.

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