Scarf mania: all the ways to show off the colorful ‘square’ of silk

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July 15, 2018
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December 5, 2018
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Scarf mania: all the ways to show off the colorful ‘square’ of silk

From the 60s with Grace Kelly to today with influencers, it is synonymous with charm and elegance. And in the summer of 2018 it is also in the wishlist for trendy accessories

We saw him parading in the fashion week of this season and we discovered him in the most chic streets of the fashion capitals, from London to New York, where the 60s peek out from the past winter and the Parisian style never goes out of fashion. A clue? It has distant origins and very little related to the fashion system. Yes, let’s talk about the foulard-dressing.

Story of a handkerchief, which comes from the countryside
The word “foulard” comes from the French foular, or “follare”, a technical term that indicates a working process useful to make the fabric more compact and resistant.

Before it was a fashion accessory, it was a practical handkerchief: it was first worn by men, in the military and by women in the countryside to protect themselves from the sun or from the cold.

Only in the 30s becomes a fashion item and around 50/60 becomes an iconic element that identifies the look of classy women.

Just think of the divas Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly or even the first lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis, indisputable style icons: the headscarf wore it on the head, knotted under the chin and paired with a pair of large sunglasses.

Since then, that handkerchief is a timeless accessory and the designers promptly revisit it declining it into new creative variations to become an essential must in the fashion world.

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